Teachers Against Cuomo

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New Yorkers elected Andrew Cuomo because they thought that he would be like his father, Mario Cuomo, a wise leader who promoted education and investment in New York schools while standing up to the powers of the financial elites on Wall Street. It didn't take long after Andrew Cuomo was elected Governor of New York for this misperception to be revealed.

Andrew Cuomo has quickly turned his back on the working families who form the foundation of the New York Democratic Party. Cuomo declared that the millionaires and billionaires of Wall Street would get his financial assistance, with a tax cut that applies only to people who make more than one million dollars every year. Governor Cuomo has refused to budge on his support for this tax cut for the extremely wealthy.

Cuomo is just as stubborn in his insistence that schools across New York State will have to sacrifice. Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges and state universities have all been told by Governor Cuomo that they're going to suffer large budget cuts. The money the state government will save with those budget cuts will go to make up for the smaller contributions made by Wall Street fat cats.

Which schools will suffer most as a result of Cuomo's cuts? It won't be schools in the wealthy suburbs where the millionaires and billionaires live. Those schools will do just fine. No, Cuomo's cuts will hurt most those schools where the children of working New Yorkers study. Those families have already been stretched to the breaking point by the financial crisis caused by Wall Street greed, and now Andrew Cuomo is asking them to give more while Wall Street gives less.

Andrew Cuomo has accused parents, teachers and students in New York of just being a bunch of whiners. He says that schools will just have to learn to be more efficient, to do more with less. If Cuomo values efficiency so much, though, why can't he ask millionaires to make do with just a little bit less? Why isn't he asking billionaires to become more efficient? Why does he treat the extremely wealthy as if they need charity from the New York State government, while turning a blind eye to the real needs of New York schools?

This isn't what New Yorkers thought they were voting for when they elected Cuomo Governor in 2010. It's Robin Hood in reverse - steal from the poor to give to the rich.

The working families of New York aren't going to stand by and take this abuse from Cuomo in silence. If Cuomo is going to engage in economic class warfare against working New Yorkers, then he's not going to get the support of the Democratic Party rank and file any longer.

The campaign buttons you see on the right of this page are part of a grassroots movement of working New York families in rebellion against the arrogance of Andrew Cuomo. They're for teachers, parents and students to wear in protest against the budget cuts Andrew Cuomo is forcing on our schools.

Teachers are being laid off. Parents are having to work harder to keep their kids just at the same educational level. Students are being asked to learn in schools that are being stripped of the resources they need to be successful.

Enough is enough. It's time to teach Andrew Cuomo that when he turns his back on the working families of New York State, the working families of New York State will turn their backs on him.


- New York State United Teachers

- New York State School Boards Association

- American Federal of Teachers - New York

Buttons for Teachers, Parents and Students Against Cuomo

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