Terrorism or Patriotism?

A Guest Commentary by Monk

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Scenario 1:

The World Trade Center just collapsed due to a bomb planted at the base columns and thousands just died.

Terrorism or Patriotism?

Scenario 2:

Bombs just came raining from jets carpeting everything within a 20-mile radius of the city of Kabul.

Terrorism or Patriotism?

Thousands of burning corpses falling from collapsing buildings and people choking to death from the smoke clogging the streets and those who are still living are wondering will they make it out alive. People from all over gather around to watch others emerge from the flames, sometimes missing limbs or patches of hair or clothes or a small child who was with them when they went in. The carnage of another attack has taken place and taken toll on all of the citizens. This is terrorism on American soil but patriotism in Afghanistan. Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy in this?

No matter how you answered those questions you were right, because terrorism and patriotism are one in the same. The terminology we use just depends on our location at the time and our own culpability in the act. Either way it is a murderous act of violence. No matter what word is used, it will never be just or justifiable.

The thing I find most disturbing, however, is the fact that all of these bloody events come from people who describe themselves as “deeply religious." Yet in all doctrines of the Christian, Jewish or Muslim faith God/Jesus/Allah preaches peace and tolerance and loving those who hate you. All of these faiths prescribe turning the other cheek and claim that vengeance is the providence of the Lord, not the fallible human. Yet our "born-again" President is calling for a Holy War while Bin Laden is calling for a Jihad. Neither of them is realizing that those phrases are oxymorons. God is about love and humility and forgiveness, not murder.

During President Bush’s national day of prayer and remembrance he was in a cathedral, essentially war mongering and preaching that he would bring the “evildoers” to justice. Who does he think he is? God? Batman? His hands are not clean he is just as evil as Bin Laden and as evil as everyone else who is willing to kill innocents for the advancement of their own selfish need for closure and retribution.

It may say "an eye for an eye" in the Bible, but it also says “Thou shall not kill.”

- Monk

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