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IRREGULAR TIMESWhat if you could have just one more hour in your day? What if the clock kept going for one more hour after it hit twelve? What if you hit the top of the day and kept on going over its edge, for just one more hour?

Did you consider what you would do with that hour?

Would you just do more of the same old stuff that you do with the rest of the day? What else could you do?

When the irregular clock stops, you cannot rest or work. When the clock stops, everything stops. A clock stops and starts right on time, you stop and start right along with it.

If you really want that extra hour in the day, you've got to find a new way to clock your day.

What makes an hour and hour? The earth spins around on its latest axis, rolling from the inside out. From twelve hour to twelve hour, the Earth rolls around from one extreme to the other and then starts going back, in an ancient circle.

Massive gravity holds us onto the surface circle of the Earth, but it does not prevent us from punching through the surface, down below. If we punch through, we must go down for days, still spinning in the twelve hour hoop.

If we could reach the center of the Earth, we would find one spot that does not spin. This spot at the center knows no spinning, and therefore has no hours. The center of the Earth has only one time, and yet, it has all times simultaneously. The center of the Earth is the home of an eternal hour, the thirteenth hour.

The thirteenth hour is the twilight of the mind, a perpetual darkening that never reaches darkness, when faces become mere shapes and silhouettes merge in what looks like mist but moves like a dampened sheet on an invisible clothesline. J.R.R. Tolkien might have called it faery, for it is the home of Avalon.

The thirteenth hour is simultaneously under, between, behind and throughout. It comes about when least sought, and when pursued, disappears.

The thirteenth hour of the day does not increase productivity. It does, however, reveal additional dimensions perception, and thus, a guru might say that the thirteenth hour is a time of exceptional creativity. The guru would be on the right track, but would be using the wrong word. The thirteenth hour is the time of unintentional artistry.

If you do not yet have the time for a thirteenth hour, then you will never have. Find the time that you already have. Bend the rules that will not be broken: replace your twelve-hour clock with a new timepiece.

We do not pretend to have made the following thirteen hour clocks. Rather, we have found them. In a secret crack in the wall they were revealed to us. We share them with you, if you dare to live in the thirteenth hour.

sage dream thirteen hour clock exploding thirteen hour clockUFO thirteen hour clockdeep star thirteen hour clock

Burning Peace 13 hour Wall ClockPeace peas 13 hour clockGarden in Fire Wall ClockLater Than You Think 13 Hour ClockOrange Swirl 13 Hour Wall Clock

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