irregular times clockSenators in the News this Week,
Commenting on the Highly Irregular War in Iraq:

This week, George W. Bush finally gave the American people a little peek at what they're going to have to pay for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The price tag turned out to be a bit higher than most people's tastes: 87 billion dollars for the next year of the occupation alone. Many people have commented that this war is getting to be as expensive as the Vietnam War, and as embarrassing. Here's what they're saying in the United States Senate about Bush's fiasco in Iraq. Is it really "mission accomplished"?

Congress is not an ATM. - Robert Byrd, U.S. Senator from West Virginia

This may not be Vietnam, but boy, it sure smells like it, and every time I see these bills coming down for the money, it's costing like Vietnam, too. - Tom Harkin, U.S. Senator from Iowa

You, yourself, told Congress in March that "We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon." Talk about rosy scenarios. - Carl Levin, U.S. Senator from Michigan, to Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz

[The Bush Administration] clearly underestimated the size of the challenge we would face. - John McCain, U.S. Senator from Arizona

I do think that this administration did a miserable job of planning in a post-Saddam Iraq. - Chuck Hagel, U.S. Senator from Nebraska

The Response From the Bush Administration:

Oh, they're steaming at the White House. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and company thought that all they had to do to remain popular with the American people was to start war after war after war, straight up until election day. Now that the American people have the audacity to ask the Bush Administration for detailed information about how the latest war is being fought, George W. Bush is showing that old snitty side we love so well. The huffy voice comes out of his little throat, reminding us all that Bush is America's Little Lord Fauntleroy. The same tone is heard in what his henchmen have to say about the criticisms that Americans are making of Bush's war in Iraq.

This is political hate speech! - Ed Gillespie, Chairman of the Republican Party.

They take heart in that, and that leads to more money going to these activities or that leads to more recruits or that leads to more encouragement or that leads to more staying power - Donald Rumsfeld, Defense Secretary, referring to his opinion that criticism of the policies of George W. Bush amounts to a treasonous support of the enemy, or as Donald Rumsfeld prefers to call them, the bad guys.

It appears that the Bush team is still trying to figure out the best justification for its invasion and occupation of Iraq. Here's hoping that they show the same kind of slow response when it comes to the upcoming campaign in 2004.

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