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Can you tell which picture is of the purported sighting of the Virgin Mary?

This August, in Minersville, Pennsylvania, people have been doing what people all across America do at the end of summer. They've been looking for something to do.

Someone found something for the whole town to do while passing by a certain site in Minersville: Stare until they see what they claim is a vision of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, Messiah of the Christians, King of Kings and all that.

Is it really an apparition of the Virgin Mary? Well, the Virgin Mary didn't appear looking like a normal person, wearing clothes and talking like a normal human being. Believers explain that they see the image the Virgin Mary at a very ordinary place, and they're coming back day after day, by the score, to stare at the same spot in the hopes that they will eventually see a miracle happen.

Lucky for you, it isn't necessary for you to just take their word for it. The Associated Press took a picture, one of the five that you see below.

Here's our two-part challenge to you:

1. Identify which of these photographs is the picture of the supposed image of the Virgin Mary

2. Explain what in the picture shows that it is an image of the Virgin Mary, and not something else, like an image of a holy kangaroo, or just a natural pattern of shadow and light.

To respond to this challenge, go to our Irregular Times blog entry on the topic, and write in the comment box. No registration is necessary.

Image 1:

virgin mary image vision

Image 2:

virgin mary image vision

Image 3:

virgin mary image vision

Image 4:

virgin mary image vision

Image 5:

virgin mary image vision

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