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The Entreprenerial Spirit Hits Sydeville, New York!

This month, the Sydeville Civic Association sent Tony Caffrey down to Austin Texas for the national convention of die cast manufacturers. As you all know, Tonys fortunes went way up this spring when he got some special orders to make some of those plastic bits that go at the back of baseball caps that let you fit them up to the size of your head. Well, it looks like what with the bad economy and all that the "sports shop" up in the thousand islands that put that order in won't be needing quite so many caps this fall, but Tony was thinking that if he could show off his cap snaps at the conference that he might make some really big contacts or something.

Now, I don't know much about plastics or conventions, but you know the old saying about a beaver and his tail. Well, Tony seems to have made a big stir back here in Sydeville alright! Down in Austin, he went out to this bar and got himself some of what they call Lone Star beer. That's a kind of beer that they make and sell only in Texas. He brought back a whole case to share with folks up here and I had one and it tastes a lot like the old Genny Creme Ale, you know, and that makes me kinda suspicious. See, the things is that he wanted all of us to see these funny bottle caps that they got, cause they're decorated with this puzzle on them called a reebus. A reebus is suppose to be like a bunch of picture that stand for sounds and your suppose to figure out what words they say when their all put together and stuff. The one I saw was too easy though because for the sound "may" they just put a picture of a calendar with the word "may" on it. So the reebus answer was "Make a Bee Line" and I was thinkin like, what is this "calendar kayay bee line" thing? It's like english don't mean nothing to some people, and it just bothers me, kinda like how with those word searches they never list the one letter words like "a" and "I", but they're all over the place! Well I guess those kinds of puzzles on beer bottle caps are for those people who have a couple of bottles in them already.

The thing that's most peculyer is that Tony's most never been one to pass up a good opportunity to be successful. It's like what that popular artist from down in the city said a few years back: "We'll all be famous in 15 minutes." I guess he meant that in the biblical sense, but the point is that Tony plans on taking Lone Star beer's reebus idea one step further by going to the Anderson bottling company and selling them the idea of putting word searches on the caps of soda bottles and he could die cast the caps right in his own workshop. Seems a bit small to me, but Tony says he's got it all worked out. That's entreprenerialship, if you know what I mean! And good luck to you in you're hard efforts, Tony!

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