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Wandering Aimlessly.........
news from Sydeville, New York

It doesn't take some silicon valley consultant to see that location is no longer the thing. People talk about California, with its power blackouts and smog and computer chips all the time, but the fact is that we've had our own little new economy rennaysance right here in sleepy upstate New York. Why, just last week Mrs. Vincent down on the corner of Orchard Road and Lake Street opened up that free compact disk offer from Americans Online and got herself all hooked up.

Downstate they've got United Nations diplomats and fancy writers and hot shot journalists and all, but you know, I've never seen a single maple tree in Manhattan. Have you? You see my point then. We don't need any Sam Donaldson or George Stephabolopus to tell us what's news. We can make our own news for ourselves, right from Sydeville.

That's what Wandering Aimlessly is all about, you know, just the things that are going on around town, right here. Maybe it's not as grand as his majesty Bloomberg in the City, but we do just fine for ourselves, don't we?

Check in every now and then for new news from our reporter in Sydeville, wandering aimlessly..............

Hear any news from Sydeville that we need to know about? Well, write us your own Sydeville diaries, then!

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