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- America's First War Against Evil Weathermen!
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A new day, and we learn of a new lie from the desk of George W. Bush.

Do you remember all the hype about the trailers? The mobile biological weapons labs that Bush and Rumsfeld and Powell kept on talking about before the war? The trailers that they said proved that the Iraqi government was deceiving United Nations weapons inspectors? The trailers that the Bush Administration said were proof that Iraq was such a threat to American security that it was necessary to launch an unprovoked war against Iraq to invade and occupy Iraqi territory?

Well, we hope you remember those trailers - they're a big part of the reason that 247 Americans have been killed in Iraq, and many more gravely injured.

It turns out that what George W. Bush told America about those trailers was just another lie.

It turns out that those supposed mobile biological weapons labs were really just tankers used to produce and transport hydrogen for weather balloons. This has just been confirmed by a team of engineers sent by the American government to inspect and analyze the trailers.

Yeah, that's right. It turns out that George W. Bush sent America to war in order to thwart the evil plans of a bunch of Iraqi weathermen. Now you can sleep better at night (with a possibility of passing showers).

Oh, if only this were an honest mistake, we could understand. Unfortunately, it's not. The same group of engineers say that Bush claimed that they had found proof of the trailers being used as biological weapons labs before the engineering team had even had a chance to complete its analysis.

The plain facts are this. George W. Bush said just this May that he had proof of biological weapons labs. When he said this, Bush knew that the analysis of those labs was not even yet complete. It turns out that the trailers were not biological weapons labs at all.

Now, Bush has sent out a team of lawyers to come up with explanations, but I think most Americans would call that a lie.

Of course, Rumsfeld's henchmen at the Defense Intelligence Agency say that they still believe that the trailers were biological weapons labs. The funny thing is that no one from the Defense Intelligence Agency has ever even seen the trailers in Iraq, much less inspected them. Their only information comes from the team of engineers that Bush hired to inspect the trailers, and those engineers say that there's no way that the trailers were used to make biological weapons. They say that the only reasonable explanation is that the trailers were used to make hydrogen for weather balloons.

What's more, Iraqi scientists captured by the American military have been interrogated as to the purpose of the trailers. They corroborate the explanation of the American engineers. They say that the trailers were used to create hydrogen used to fill up weather balloons.

Donald Rumsfeld knows this. The Defense Intelligence Agency knows this. Yet, they continue to insist that, somehow, in spite of all the evidence, in spite of the expert testimony of American-hired engineers, the trailers were mobile biological weapons labs.

We don't like Donald Rumsfeld, but we don't think he's stupid enough to believe that.

Unfortunately, it appears that Donald Rumsfeld thinks that you are stupid enough to believe his latest simulation of the truth.

The America we know is not so stupid as Bush and Rumsfeld like to think. The America we know is smart enough to keep its eye on the ball, and tell the truth from Bush's clumsy lies.

The facts are plain. The evidence is there. Bush lied. People died.

bush lied people died

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