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Autumn 2004: Irregular Deconstruction: The insurgency in Iraq flows like water, and the Bush Administration is trying to take it apart brick by brick.

Summer 2004: Irregular Inspiration: "God Speaks Through Me" - George W. Bush, July 2004

April 2004: Irregular Witch Hunt: "The Bush Administration is prepared to attack leading researchers and sacrifice scientific integrity at NIH to further a narrow right-wing ideological agenda."
- Representative Henry Waxman, on attempts by Republican congressmen Mike Ferguson and Joseph Pitts to harass scientific researchers who disagree with the radical fundamentalist Traditional Values Coalition.

January 2004: Irregular Epiphany: "There is no precedent in any modern White House for what is going on in this one: a complete lack of a policy apparatus... What you've got is everything, and I mean everything, being run by the political arm. It's the reign of the Mayberry Machiavellis."
- John DiIulio, former head of George W. Bush's Office of Faith-Based Initiatives

Winter 2003: Irregular Insight: As I went back through the Pentagon in November 2001, one of the senior military staff officers had time for a chat. Yes, we were still on track for going against Iraq, he said. But there was more. This was being discussed as part of a five-year campaign plan, he said, and there were a total of seven countries, beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan. . . . I left the Pentagon that afternoon deeply concerned. - from "Winning Modern Wars", a book by General Wesley Clark

Autumn 2003: A Fair and Balanced Judgment:"Of course, it is ironic that a media company that should be fighting for the First Amendment is trying to undermine it." -- Judge Denny Chin of United States District Court, on the attempt by Fox News to stop the publication of a book that criticizes the cable channel's poor record of journalistic accuracy

Summer 2003 - Supporting the Troops, Questioning the President:"I don't ever do anything that would hurt the Marines. However, I want everything to come out about why decisions were made. And I don't want to hear, `Well, you know what, it's over now, the decision was made.' You know what? If you make a wrong decision, you have to pay for that. I want to make sure that changes are made or people are held accountable for what happened." -- Lynn Bradach, mother of Travis Bradach-Nall, a 21 year-old Marine who was killed in the war against Iraq

Irregular Admission, Summer 2003: "Too many Americans, ready and willing to work, aren't able to find it. Companies aren't investing or expanding, and jobs aren't being created." - Republican Tom DeLay describes the consequences of George W. Bush's failure to manage the economy.

Irregular Inspection: "They were unable to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but we found them right here in Sunnyvale." - Blair Thedinger, organizer of an inspection of a Lockheed Martin Space Systems facility in Sunnyvale, California.

Highly Irregular Candor: "Fuck Saddam. We're taking him out." - George W. Bush, March 2002. That's 2002, folks. 2002. As in 13 months ago. Thanks so much to Time Magazine for sharing this with the public after the war was already underway.

"I think unleashing 3,000 smart bombs against the city of Baghdad in the first several days of the war . . . to me, if those were unleashed against the San Francisco Bay Area, I would call that an act of extreme terrorism." - U.S. Representative Peter Stark

Irregular Honesty, March 2003

There is no intelligence that Iraq has the ability to strike at the United States. According to the CIA, Iraq has no intention to attack America, but will defend itself if attacked. -- Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Congressional Representative

Irregular Retort, January 31, 2003:

"The president understands there are going to be people who are more comfortable doing nothing about a growing menace" - Bush Spokesman Ari Fleischer, referring to Nelson Mandela, who spent 26 years in prison with hard labor rather than lend his support to Apartheid and be freed.

Irregular Observation, January 19, 2003:

The U.S. Department of Justice is currently surrounded by barbed wire.

Irregularity Insight, January 9, 2003:

Mario Cuomo, on George W. Bush's accusation of Democrats' "class warfare" after his latest plan to give the richest Americans a special tax break: "Class warfare? He declared the war. He said, 'We're going to give all the money to the rich'... We're not the ones who started the war. We're just defending ourselves against his attack."

December 11, 2002: Irregular Shocker

Trent Lott, the legislative leader of a party with not a single black person in its mass of 280 Senators and Representatives, thinks that racial segregation was a good idea. The Republicans are led by a racist? My goodness! Who woulda thunk?

November 28, 2002: Become the Irregular Media

Although it is crucial that those of us opposed to a war against the people of Iraq make ourselves heard by communicating with our representatives in Congress and by gathering for national protests (such as on January 18), it is also important that we communicate our opposition on a daily basis. By publicly declaring opposition to the war in our communities, we may help those "in the closet" feel comfortable coming out against the war themselves.

If you are looking for a way to publicly advertise your opposition, but don't know where to begin, may we suggest the following?

Remember, an anti-war movement is built person by person. Doing your part, no matter how small, is literally a matter of life and death.

November 2002, An Awfully Irregular Way to Secure Freedom:
1984 has arrived in 2002 with the Information Awareness Office, soon to be incorporating information about your personal behavior into a gigantic, government-operated database.

What can be done? Plenty:
  • Inform yourself: Read these source documents on the IAO and its program for Total Information Awareness.
  • Consider IAO in context: Listen to Bush's use of Orwellian NewSpeak.
  • Register Your Opposition: Sign the Petition against the OIA.
  • And don't stop there -- Take Further Action against this totalitarian monstrosity.

Why do we care? We believe that in a democracy, it is never the right time to sacrifice civil liberties in the name of security.

...Oh, pardon us: a Republican friend has helpfully reminded us that "we don't live in a democracy."
Well, that explains John Ashcroft.

October 2002, Irregular Republican: Senator Chuck Hagel
It is interesting that many of those who want to rush this country into war and think it would be so quick and easy don't know anything about war... They come at it from an intellectual perspective versus having sat in jungles or foxholes and watched their friends get their heads blown off."

Find out more at the Chickenhawk Database Of course, this Senator reversed course during election time and voted for Bush's war powers resolution!

Irregular Challenge: Live in Color -- Septuary, 2002

Irregular Chant (from the Baby Boomers on the eve of a new war): 09/02
Hell no, we won't go! WE'LL SEND OUR KIDS!

Irregular Backtrack: 08/02
Ten Campaign Utterances You Won't Hear From the Bush Administration These Days

1.We will never follow Gore's lead by giving citizens a tax credit for buying a hybrid car.
2.Let's privatize social security and put funds in the stock market!
3.We need to take away stockholders' right to sue corporations.
4.There will still be a surplus left after my tax cut.
5.Engaging in nation-building is stupid.
6.Let the Palestinians and Israelis solve their problems on their own.
7.There is a strong need to deregulate corporations.
8.People in the highest office of the land must be responsible for decisions they make in life.
9.We're going to run this government like a corporation.
10.We will restore honor and integrity to the White House.

Irregular Theocracy: 7/01/02

Episode 1: Dwight D. Eisenhower, on the addition of the phrase "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance: "From this day forward, millions of our school children will daily proclaim... the dedication of our nation and our people to the Almighty."

Episode 2: George W. Bush, in reaction to the judicial decision that the promotion of the Pledge containing the words "under God" by the government through public schools is unconstitutional: "We need common sense judges who understand that our rights were derived from God and those are the kind of judges I intend to put on the bench."

Irregular Endorsement: 6/01/02
irregular historyThe following words are from Vice President Dick Cheney, used in a video promoting the special services offered by Arthur Andersen: (The company that did accounting for ENRON and Halliburton, the big oil corporation where Cheney was CEO until last year) "I get good advice, if you will, from their people based upon how we're doing business and how we're operating, over and above just sort of the normal by-the-books auditing arrangement."

Irregular Absurdity: 05/01/02
irregular history"Resources for the homeless are available at"
- heard on National Public Radio
They may not have homes, but they've got great Internet access!

Irregular Question: 03/31/02: Irregular Quotation: "The secret of ugliness consists not in irregularity, but in being uninteresting." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Irregular Question: 02/02/02: Irregular Question: If we're in a war of freedom against fear, how come we're being asked to sacrifice our freedoms in the name of the war?

Irregular Aphorism: 9/11/01: Fighting fire with fire works about as well as washing dishes with leftovers.

Irregular Finances: 8/15/01: The Cheney-Bush administration drafts legislation to create a new energy policy with direction from a secret panel made up of "experts" whose identities Cheney refuses to reveal. This new energy policy includes substantial subsidies to the same energy companies which funnelled huge financial donations the Cheney-Bush 2000 presidential campaign and can be expected to do so again in 2004. Yet, none dare call it bribery!

Irregular Scripture: 5/00/01: To spare the child we must spoil the rod.

Irregular Theocrat: 3/24/01: "The Episcopal Church is very ritualistic and it has a kind of repetition to the service. It's the same service, basically, over and over again. Different sermon, of course. The Methodist Church is lower key. We don't have the kneeling. And I'm sure there is some kind of heavy doctrinal difference as well, which I'm not sophisticated enough to explain to you." (spoken by faith-based fanatic George W. Bush, 1994)

Irregular Puppetry: 3/14/01: The next time Dick Cheney is rushed unexpectedly to the hospital, watch carefully: Is George W. "Really, I'm the President" Bush able to announce any new policy initiatives?

Irregular Learning: 2/28/01: How do government vouchers bring choice to poor families when they only pay a tiny fraction of private school tuition and take money away from the public school choice?

Irregular Connundrum, 2/4/01: How do government vouchers bring choice to poor families when they only pay a tiny fraction of private school tuition and take money away from the public school choice?

Irregular Poll, 1/16/00: 4 out of 5 high school dropouts agree that "you can get statistics to say anything."

Irregular Vocabulary, 12/12/00: Demagoduery...the use of religious prejudice for political advantage

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Irregular Contradiction, 12/10/00: Counting votes disenfranchises voters

Irregular Gaffe, 11/19/00: Those Democrats are at it again... they seem to think Irregular Jonathan Speaks is some kind of Federal Program or something!

Irregular Lyric, 6/26/00: Ya know I've been through the desert on a horse with no name. "Innominate" is what I like to call it.

Irregular Interrogative, 5/06/00: Was Bingo the farmer or the dog?

Irregular Proverb, 5/05/00: A stitch in time saves nine, but living for a time without a stitch saves ten.

Irregular Interrogative, 4/10/00: What would you do if you had somebody else's druthers?

Irregular Wilde, 2/06/00: I have made a habit of taking a cup of chamomile tea in the morning, because I find that a cup of chamomile tea often makes the difference between a bad day and a bad day with a cup of chamomile tea.

Irregular Aphorism, 1/15/00: Recognition is admirable; Innocence is impossible.

Irregular Aphorism, 11/5/99: Every theoretical principle, including this one, is wrong.

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