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Ever since September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush has been struggling to explain to the American people exactly who he thinks our enemy is and why we should go to war against them. After a few days of floundering around with vague remarks about "them", he hit upon his final answer: our enemy is evil. Our war is against evil.

I have to admit that I'm still stumped by this answer. Our war is against the enemy of evil, Bush says, but how do we tell who is evil so that we will know who to go to war against? In the war against evil, will the United States go to war against all murderers? Against all theives? Against all liars?

Well, we here at Irregular Times wanted to get a straight answer, so we surfed the web for answers to the question, "What is Evil?" and put the answers we found below.

Evil is...

...a point of view

...certainly greater when fraud is resorted to in the inquiry concerning the future life

...caused by evil spirits

...created only by the malefic actions of humans


...Flash animation

...founded in some Good

...nothing else than a privation of that which a thing is naturally apt to have and ought to have

...not a laughing matter

...part of God's eternal decree

...real civilised

...sown in the name of God

return to for which they sell their souls: that they should disbelieve in that which Allah hath revealed

...the greatest power in the land of shadows

...the physical or material world.

...vice and actions motivated by vice

Well, that clears it up. Let's go off to war against evil, then!

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