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I'm trying to understand the "war on terror", but I'm having some trouble. My renewed considerations of this "war on terror" have been provoked by some strange new proclamations by George W. Bush, our Commanderer-In-Chief. In a new swerve into the strange, George W. Bush is now saying that his "war on terror" can never be won.

Bush's comment is strange because the Bush/Cheney re-election effort is based upon the promise that George W. Bush is the only candidate who is capable of winning the "war on terror".

Bush has justified his radical policies, like forming the Total Information Awareness system to spy on ordinary Americans, passing the Patriot Act to find out what library books ordinary Americans are reading, snooping through medical records and sending out FBI agents to prevent pacifists from becoming violent, upon the idea that these policies are necessary because they help him win the "war on terror". Bush has led the government into record-breaking debts by saying that it's necessary to throw a lot of money at the "war on terror". Bush keeps secrets from the American people, saying that he has to keep secrets from us so that he can win the "war on terror".

George W. Bush says that our lives can "never be the same" because of his "war on terror".

Now George W. Bush says that, in spite of all the sacrifice of our freedom and prosperity, that he will not ever win the "war on terror".

Well, politicians like John Kerry and John Edwards feel like they have to use Bush's language of a "war on terror". John Edwards blusters, "This is no time to declare defeat. It won't be easy, and it won't be quick..."

Oh, pooh. Before we go around with George W. Bush and John Edwards, declaring defeat or declaring victory, maybe we ought to question just what this "war on terror" really is.

Neither the leaders of the Republicans nor the leaders of the Democrats have actually defined who the actual enemy in the "war on terror" is. Sometimes, members of the administration have claimed that such harmless Americans as anti-war protesters and public schoolteachers could be part of the terrorist enemy. Neither Democrats or Republicans have bothered to define how we would know when victory in this "war on terror" is achieved.

I admit it. I'm still confused.

Let's review what we have been told about this "war on terror":

The truth is that I don't think that I'm the only one who's confused by this "war on terror". I think it confuses everybody, even the people who say that they're leading it.

We're told that we need to stay the course. How can we stay the course when nobody knows what the course is? When we ask what the "war on terror" is, we never get an answer. There is no answer.

Maybe we need to fight a war on wigging-out before we even think of fighting any other wars.

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